Why choose Coconut Row

Why choose Coconut Row & Buttonwood Belize

Let’s face it – vacationing in another country can be intimidating! 

Where should you go, what should you do? Where should you eat? Will the food be good? Is it even safe to drink the water? What about bugs? How hard or safe is it to get around?

The 1uncertainty of all this is why many of us choose resorts when we are travelling – if resorts are fairly expensive, we know that we probably won’t have to worry about these things! We can be pretty sure we’re going to get good food, safe water, clean rooms, and as few bugs as possible.

But we can miss a lot in resorts too. Food is expensive and while there may different foods on different nights, it usually isn’t all that different! Guided tours with a van full of people can seem less than adventurous, and the occasional trip into town or conversation with our bartender doesn’t really leave us feeling like we know the country we are visiting.

Coconut Row and Buttonwood Belize are for the people who would like to vacation without the security blanket of a resort, but who don’t want to sacrifice comfort, beauty, safety or service. You will still be relaxing in a fantastic room that’s cleaned daily, and drinking from coconuts on the nicest beach in Hopkins! We will help you with your travel plans before you come, and we’ll set up your excursions while you’re here! There are lots of restaurants, bars, gift shops and grocery stores within a few blocks; we’ll recommend our favorites. Our staff and our service are second to none, but our price certainly is!

Coconut Row is right in the center of the village and has the nicest beach around! Buttonwood Belize is three blocks north of Coconut Row and has the most luxurious rooms in the village, as well as a great rooftop for hanging out! Not sure which to choose? Send us an email and we’ll help you figure it out!

Features of Coconut Row and Buttonwood Belize:

  • Located in Center of Hopkins
  • Many restaurants in easy walking distance
  • Gorgeous Beach
  • Beautiful Rooms
  • Amazing full service staff
  • Nightly Air Conditioning
  • Free Wi-Fi in rooms and on property
  • Lounge chairs, beach chairs & hammocks for guests only
  • Relaxed environment
  • Great location for water or land adventures
  • Owners live on-site (at Coconut Row)
  • We can arrange your tours, activities & transportation
  • Three minute walk between the two properties