to Coconut Row

A Locally owned beach resort in the center of Beautiful Hopkins, Belize

Hopkins Belize Hotels & Resorts

Welcome to Coconut Row, an authentic, locally owned resort in the center of cultural Hopkins, Belize! Our beachfront accommodations, fantastic restaurant and personalized tours are ideal for your romantic honeymoon, family adventure or relaxing beach vacation!

Coconut Row is especially for people looking for an authentic village experience instead of the more confined feel of an all inclusive resort. We are the only resort actually located in the center of Hopkins and are within easy walking distance of everything the village has to offer. Stay with us and combine the amenities, adventures and comfort of an all inclusive resort along with the freedom and casual atmosphere of village life!

Tripadvisor Award 2020
Tripadvisor Award 2019
Tripadvisor Award 2019
Tripadvisor Award 2019

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