Hardcore Adventure Package

Experience the Ultimate Adventure: Hopkins, Belize’s Hardcore Adventure Package

Experience the best adventures Belize has to offer from our Hopkins beachfront resort!  

Experience the best adventures that Belize has to offer with our Hardcore Adventure Package, which includes a minimum of five nights’ stay at our hotel, all breakfasts and lunches, and a range of unforgettable adventures to explore the country’s stunning reef, jungle and caves. Our customizable packages will automatically adjust the price for you based on the number of people you are bringing, the number of nights you wish to stay, and the type of accommodations you prefer.

Simply click on the link at the bottom and enter your information to see the package price based on your selections.  If you would like us to customize a tour for you even more (by adding transportation or adding/changing tours), just let us know and we’ll send you a personalized quote.

Our Reef & jungle adventure Package Includes:


Choose your accommodations by clicking on the link below.  Our package works with any cabin, hotel room or apartment, for at least four nights.  (We recommend at least five nights so that you have a day to relax in Hopkins.) 

Round Trip Transportation from International Airport

Round trip transportation for your family from International Airport in Belize City to Coconut Row (or Buttonwood Belize) in Hopkins.

Coconut Husk Restaurant & Bar

Daily Breakfast

The Coconut Husk is famous in Hopkins for its breakfasts, and you’ll start off each morning with a delicious meal coming from local farms.

Daily Lunch

Lunches will be provided by The Coconut Husk for you to enjoy either on tour, or relaxing at the restaurant, enjoying the beach and pool.

ATM Cave Adventure

One of the most spectacular adventures in all of Belize – we’ve never sent anyone who didn’t come back and say “wow!” Discover the world of the ancient Maya as you pass through a river and the hourglass-shaped opening of the beautiful Actun Tunichil Muknal cave. The ATM “The Cave of the Stone Sepulcher” is one of the most thrilling caving experiences Belize has to offer, bringing you face to face with incredible archaeological relics, human sacrifices and the Mayan underworld!

Full-Day Barrier Reef Snorkel

Don some snorkel gear and get a fish-eye view of one of the most gorgeous reefs in the world! No prior snorkeling experience is necessary – our guides are highly trained, very experienced, and very patient! Hang with them and you’ll be a pro in no time! This will be a spectacular, gorgeous day that you’ll never forget. 

Extreme Antelope Package (Zipline & Waterfall Rappelling)

Trek through lush rainforest to a 1000-foot elevation at Bocawina National Park’s Antelope Falls. Swim in emerald pools atop, soaking in the stunning vista of the Rain Forest & Caribbean Sea. Descend 250 feet down the waterfall with expert guides.

Soar through Belize’s Rainforest Canopy on the longest zipline course with 14 platforms and 9 lines spanning 2.5 miles. Finish near the lodge and Wild Fig restaurant and enjoy a delectable lunch!


Price & Availability

To get the price of your package, simply enter the dates you are interested in and the number of people you will be bringing. 

Each accommodation that can fit your group will pop up, along with the price of all the packages available for that room.  (Packages will only show for stays of 4 nights or more.)

*(Footnote: Although we would love to have you as our guest for all of your meals, (inquire if you prefer this option), we have intentionally not included dinners in our packages because you may miss the opportunity to take advantage of our fabulous location in the center of Hopkins village. We encourage you to take time to check out some local restaurants and experience the culture of Belize.