Lands Dept’s Decision and (Hopefully) a Change of Focus

As Cheryl mentioned yesterday, we received a call from the Commissioner of Lands on Monday night. He said that Hopkins Bay has been issued a court order to remove the groin, at their own expense, within 5 days. (He then talked about the specifics of the license and the order,...

Hopkins Beach Erosion Update

Wow, so much has happened since our last post that I guess it’s time for an update. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this issue, either by emailing or by posting on Cheryl Rowland – Nunez’s excellent Facebook group, Save Hopkins Beach. I apologize if this is a long...

Catastrophic Beach Erosion in Hopkins!

The beaches of Hopkins were some of the nicest on the mainland until a week ago. Everyone in Hopkins is used to the ebb and flow of our beaches, at least to some extent. But our beaches were always gorgeous; it was our major selling point!

Channel 5 News Segment

I HATE being on TV, but I have to admit, this really helped to bring us some quick government attention.. Thanks Duane Moody!

Coconut Row Guest House Commended on Fox News

In December, Coconut Row Guest House was lucky to host travel blogger Dave Seminara. His stay was short, only one night, but we managed to still make a lasting impression on him.