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September in Belize, Central America

Since Belize got its independence September 21st, 1981, the entire month of September, consecutively, has been filled with nonstop partying and festivities. If you happen to be in the party mood on your next Belize-vacation during the month of September, then you will not be disappointed. This year marks Belize’s 35th anniversary as an independent nation.

Hopkins Mango Fest 2016

The connotations of biting into that sweet yellow fruit, pulling hair out of your teeth as it run down your elbow or the incomparable tart green mango with salt and habanero pepper with lime. Fact: you can't read that line again without the saliva glands in your mouth going crazy….guaranteed!

Land Dept's Decision and (hopefully) a Change of Focus…

As Cheryl mentioned yesterday, we received a call from the Commissioner of Lands on Monday night. He said that Hopkins Bay has been issued a court order to remove the groin, at their own expense, within 5 days. (He then talked about the specifics of the license and the order, but some of that was unclear, though we’ll clarify it if necessary.) I thanked him for the quick government intervention, which I think was very impressive (though certainly was due to help from the mainstream and social media).

Hopkins Beach Erosion Update

Wow, so much has happened since our last post that I guess it’s time for an update. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this issue, either by emailing or by posting on Cheryl Rowland – Nunez’s excellent Facebook group, Save Hopkins Beach. I apologize if this is a long and boring post, but it’s all info that I feel I should share.

Catastropic Beach Erosion in Hopkins!

The beaches of Hopkins were some of the nicest on the mainland until a week ago. Everyone in Hopkins is used to the ebb and flow of our beaches, at least to some extent. But our beaches were always gorgeous; it was our major selling point!

Channel 5 News Segment

I HATE being on TV, but I have to admit, this really helped to bring us some quick government attention.. Thanks Duane Moody!

7 Caves to Explore While In Belize

For those of you who come to Belize for adventure, Chaa Creek’s Travel Belize Blog lists the top caves in the country. I can attest that these are all terrific, and famous, caves in Belize. Coconut Row’s guests routinely visit the ATM (#1 on the list) and St. Herman’s Cave (#5.) And the Black Hole Drop and Caves Branch are also nearby. The others are in the very west of the country, which makes for a long day trip from Hopkins. But if you’ll find yourself in the San Ignacio area, put them on your bucket list!

The threat of illegal logging and poaching to Belize

Great article here by Julie Collazo of the Latin Correspondent. And great pictures by famous photographer Tony Rath. We’ve been hearing a lot about illegal activities in the Chiquibul; from prospecting for gold to caging protected species and selling them to horrible amounts of illegal logging. Hopefully Belize will find a way to deal with this, as it seems to be raging out of control. (Lots of it is coming from across the Guatemalan border…)

Coconut Row Guest House Commended on Fox News

In December, Coconut Row Guest House was lucky to host travel blogger Dave Seminara. His stay was short, only one night, but we managed to still make a lasting impression on him.