Coconut Row Guest House Commended on Fox News

Coconut Row guest house commended

In December, Coconut Row Guest House was lucky to host travel blogger Dave Seminara. His stay was short, only one night, but we managed to still make a lasting impression on him.

He raved about our warm hospitality and called it “the place you want to be in Hopkins”, in his TripAdvisor review. In the article, Unknown Belize, Dave tells of his experience visiting different parts of Belize, including Hopkins where he stayed with us. He describes Hopkins as a “lively, low-key beach town in the ethnic Garifuna heartland”, and we couldn’t agree more with this description.

For those who have never visited Hopkins, it may seem very sleepy and slow at first. But the people, mainly Garifuna, are very friendly and are always out hustling and bustling around preparing to go fishing, cooking or just getting daily tasks completed. In the past, Hopkins used to be a very basic village with nothing going on besides the locals going about their own way. Now, due to increased development in the area and tourism, you can find an abundance of resorts, guesthouses, restaurants, bars, stores and tour guides ready to make your visit to Hopkins unforgettable!

See Dave Seminara’s full tale of discovering Belize in his article on Fox News here.