About Hopkins

About Hopkins Village Belize


Hopkins was originally a small fishing village inhabited only by the Garifuna people, with their own language, food and culture. Like many beautiful villages, it has since opened up to outsiders, and its gorgeous beaches and friendly, relaxed atmosphere has made it an appealing tourist destination. As more people come to Hopkins, both locals and foreigners are opening up restaurants, bars, gift shops and stores. This means that Hopkins has lots to do (especially involving food!), but it is a long way from becoming a “tourist trap” as has happened in some of the more well-known destinations.

Hopkins Village is about two miles long, and has one main road, which is usually quite bumpy! There are no real resorts in the village; these are mostly located several miles south of the village, though two large resorts are also just north of Hopkins. (This means that upscale dining is available to those who want to go out to dinner in a more elegant setting.) The atmosphere in the village is casual and strikingly friendly. You will be amazed how many times people greet you as they pass.